Look after your health

There are a number of health conditions that may affect us more as we get a bit older. Keeping tabs on these will help keep you healthy and injury free.

The Keep Going for GOLD: Advice for living well over 65 brochure has information on some of the common health conditions that may affect your safety.

older man at the optometrist

Eyesight and hearing

Many people find that their eyesight and hearing deteriorate as they get older, so looking after your vision and hearing will help you stay safe.

As we age, it becomes harder for our eyes to judge distances and depth properly.

Our eyes also take longer to adjust to changes in light. This could lead to trips and falls, so be sure to get your eyes checked annually.

If you’re concerned, you may also want to get your hearing checked. Check out optometrist and hearing clinic offers in the SuperGold Card directory.

Side effects from medication

If you take medication regularly, keep an eye out for any side effects that could affect your safety.

For example, you may be at risk of falling and injuring yourself if your medication causes you feelings of:

  • light-headedness or dizziness
  • weakness, or
  • slower than normal reaction time.

If you have any concerns, be sure to ask your GP.

Flu jabs

Getting an annual flu jab is important as we get older, and once we turn 65, it’s available free of charge.

Influenza, or the flu, is a serious illness that can be fatal. Any age group can end up in hospital with the flu, but as we get older, we are at greater risk.

The flu can also make other conditions worse, for example, asthma and diabetes.