Transport and Driving

Information on how to get around whether it be driving yourself or using public transport or driving services.

SuperGold on public transport

You can use your SuperGold Card to travel for free on off-peak public transport services in many areas in New Zealand.


To be able to access free off-peak travel in Auckland, you will need an AT HOP card with your SuperGold concession loaded onto it.

Auckland Transport advises the AT HOP card will cost $10 with $5 credit loaded onto it, for a one-off $15 cost.

This will enable you to continue travelling for free on local trains, selected buses and ferries, after 9am weekdays and all weekend.

To find out more, check out Auckland Transport at the following link:

Renewing your driver licence

Find out what you need to do to renew your driver licence once you turn 75.

Keeping Moving - The Road Ahead

The Road Ahead - the positive guide for senior road users is a New Zealand Transport Agency guide that provides information on the driver licence renewal process and tips to help you keep moving.

It also contains guidelines for assessing your own driving ability and resources to help you plan ahead in case you need to give up driving for any reason.

Mobility Scooters - keeping mobile

Practical advice on your rights and responsibilities, as well as safety and maintenance tips for using a mobility scooter.